Do you Know Who ELSE Has Copies of Your House Keys

When you purchased your new dream home and they handed you the keys, can you really be certain that they are handing you the only copies. With houses selling very quickly here in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, it is possible that you are only one of a number of owners. If the previous owners have never changed their locks or had them rekeyed, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

You can’t be certain if a previous owner or renter that has a copy of your key won’t pick a time when you are not home, to use that key to help themselves to your belongings or worse, cause you physical harm. One of the simplest and easiest ways to keep key holders out of your home is to have the locks rekeyed.

rekeying (verb) the act of changing the key bitting on a lock without having to change the lock itself.


If previous owners and tenants having a copy of your house keys was not enough, there are some housing tracts in the San Tan Valley and Queen Creek areas where the developers have master keyed all locks in development. Master keying is the process of combinating house locks so that only one key is needed by sales and building staff. This is particularly dangerous if your house has never had the locks rekeyed or replaced.

Local Locksmith can quickly and economically change the key combination to all of your locks and insure that your are more secure in your home.


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Do you Know Who ELSE Has Copies of Your Mailbox Keys

After rekeying their home, most people forget that previous owners or renters could have copies of their mailbox keys as well. An unscrupulous person could return to your mailbox and use their key copy to steal your mail or packages. Local Locksmith can change your mailbox lock quickly and for less than other vendors charge. Plus we are available any day of the week to change the locks.

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