Chip Key

Automotive Chip Key

Chip Key Defined

A chip key or technically called a transponder key, gets it’s name because of the electronic “chip” that is embedded into the key’s head. These keys are used by car manufacturers that produced vehicles made in the last 15 years to reduce the amount of auto thefts.

Immobilizing Systems

Originally introduced by General Motors to protect their Corvette models, immobilizing systems have drastically reduced car and truck thefts by as much as 75%. These systems typically incorporate a computer based module and some for of key. In the case of a chip key, when it is placed in the ignition and turned, a digital signature is transmitted from the key to the car. If the signature matches what is recorded into the immobilizing system, the car will start.

Local Locksmith can program or replace lost chip keys at prices well below what the dealer charges. If you need a chip key copy, chip key replacement or chip key repair give us a call.