Sometimes making your own tools is the only way to get the job done.
Steve Sacco – Owner/Locksmith

Profile Cylinder
One of our customers ordered their own locks from the internet. This is a practice that can be troublesome and in this case, proved to be exactly that. This particular customer ordered what are called profile cylinders/locks. As you can see by the picture to the right, this lock is very different from most house locks due to the shape and mounting that the lock fits into. Normally, these locks are designed to be very easy to rekey (changing their key combination and bitting), but this particular variety did not have the traditional hex head set screws along the top of the lock.

Since I am not one to turn down a challenge, I took the locks (yes there were three that the customer bought), back to my workshop and started thinking of a way to change the combination. The challenge was, since these are double sided locks, I could not use conventional rekeying techniques because the tool called the plug follower must be pushed out through the back of the lock. Since the lock had two backs, this was not possible.

After examining the design of the lock, I discovered that the bottom of the keyway had a rectangular channel milled into it. I thought that if I put something into this channel to hold the top combinating pins in place while I pushed the center plug back into place, I could make it work.

I took a 1/2″ brass tube tool called a plug follower and cut a 1/8″ wide slot into it. Then I bent a piece of recycled windshield wiper spine into a 90 degree angle. I placed the plug follower into the cylinder and then fit the windshield wiper spine into the 1/8″ slot. I pulled the spine down to hold the top pins in place and removed the follower. Then I pushed the lock plug into the cylinder housing making certain to align the channel on the bottom of the plug fit over the spine. I rotated the plug to the proper position and remove the spine. IT WORKED.

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Aligning the Spine

Holding the Spine

Plug Back In

Job Well Done