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When you buy a new house do you truly know who had other copies of your keys? Most people don’t. Keeping your home secure is what we do best by alerting you of any security issues that we may find. From lock changes to rekeying your existing locks, we can keep your home secure from unwanted visitors.

Locked Out of Your Home or Apartment?

Locked Out in Queen Creek or San Tan ValleyGetting locked out of your house in Queen Creek or San Tan Valley, can be a really stressful experience. Don’t sweat it because it happens to everyone eventually.

What to Do If You Are Locked Out

If unfortunately, you do get locked out, here are a few tips that will help you to survive the experience:

  • Get to a safe place – After calling Local Locksmith, go to a neighbor’s house, restaurant, store or other places that are populated. This will reduce the risk of issues from those that might want to do you harm.
  • Insure your children’s safety – If you have infant children locked in the house and they are at risk of harm or injury, it might be better to call local Police or Fire departments to get you in as soon as possible. You could call Local Locksmith and explain the urgency of your situation. If we do encounter emergency situations, all other customers are put on hold until you are safely back into your home or apartment.
  • Windows and Other Doors – Check to see if there is another door that is unlocked or a window that is open. Note: Be careful when climbing through open windows to avoid personal injury.
Things to Do After Getting Back In
  • MGet Key Copiesake a Key Copy – Get the Local Locksmith technician to make you a copy of your door key then give the copy to a trusted neighbor or local friend. This will hopefully prevent lockouts in the future.
  • Hide a Key Copy – Hiding a key in a very secure place around your home is an excellent way to prevent lockouts. To add a bit of security to the key copy, place the key in a lockbox that is permanently secured to the structure in a hidden location. There are also other products that allow you to hide keys on your property such as fake rocks.
  • Electronic Locks – There are many different models of electronic locks that require a code to be entered rather than the use of a key. When shopping for one of these locks, make certain that they are weather resistant enough to endure the climatic changes in your area.
  • Keeping Extra Key Copies – Keep single key copies in your car or wallet so that they can be used in case of an emergency such as this. Keep in mind that you should always return the extra key back to its hiding place right after you use it.
  • Don’t Hide a Key in an Obvious Place – Hiding a key under the mat or above the door is asking for trouble. Many thieves check these common places first before resorting to other methods of entry. Other places to avoid are: rain gutters, glove-boxes in an unlocked car, window ledges and any other place that you can think of that is too obvious.
We’re There When You Need Us

If you have exhausted all other methods to get into your home yourself, call Local Locksmith now and well get you back in as fast as we can.

Locks Rekeyed
Do You Know Who Has Your House Keys?

Who Has Your House KeysOften times when buy a home that is new to you, the keys that they hand you are from the previous owner. The question that should go through your mind is who else has copies of these keys.

As a new home owner, the first thing that you should do is to have the combination changed on your locks. This process is called rekeying. Local Locksmith comes to your new house and changes the combination of your locks the same day you take possession of your property.Rekeying Locks

Each rekeying customer will not only have their lock’s combination changed, but will also receive two (2) key copies free of charge.

Call us TODAY to insure the security of your home.

New Locks Installed
New Locks InstalledNew Door, Hardware Installation

Are you a do it yourselfer that has just replaced a door, but you have no holes in the new door? Local Locksmith has special tooling that allows us to properly place holes in the door for your new door hardware. Without a special tool, you run the risk of damaging the new door making it an unsightly addition to your home.

If you are in the market for higher quality hardware than the home improvement centers offer, call us and ask for our options for door hardware. We have many different models to choose from that offer better quality and longer lifespans.

Replacing Your Locks

Door HardwareDoor locks like everything else in this world, have a finite lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. At Local Locksmith we offer many different options for replacement hardware with some providing far better quality construction that what is available at standard retailers. We sell all models of locks from standard door knobs to electronic locks that allow access via your cellphone.

Call us today and see what we can do to upgrade the lock security in your home.

Lock Upgrades
Value MemeWhy Cheap Locks Can Cost You

It’s pretty easy to go into your local big box store and buy cheap locks, but is it really worth it. Let’s do the math.

Over the course of your lifetime you have amassed a treasure trove of things that have both a monetary and sentimental value. Do you really want to trust all of these treasures to locks that are easy to bypass or break?

Is it worth the risk of loosing your property for the sake of saving a few bucks? We at Local Locksmith think not.

Better Locks Are Not That Much More

Grade 2 LocksSome older homes have doors that are secured by only knob locks that are easy to bypass using a screwdriver or a credit card. You can exponentially increase your home’s security by installing a simple high quality deadbolt on all doors leading to the outside.

When you buy locks for your home, don’t settle for “residential” quality locks, but rather grade 2 locks. Grade 2 locks are actually intended for light duty commercial applications, but will work very well in homes. They have the added benefit of being made of heavier duty materials and will last longer. Many Grade 2 locks carry a lifetime warranty as well. Ask us which options will work for your home and how you can improve your home’s locking systems.

Value Added Service

All locks purchased from us come with a FREE home security inspection. During this inspection, our locksmith will point out areas that should be addressed and show you ways to make your home safer.

Electronic Locks
Electronic LocksGoing Keyless

Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular especially given the increased use of cell phone apps to control household functions. There are many different high quality options from manufacturers such as Schlage and Kwikset.

Pros and Cons of Electronic Locks


  • Easy combination changes
  • Don’t have to carry physical keys
  • Combinations given to temporary visitors can be easily changed
  • Can be controlled by cell phone


  • Regular battery changes
  • Must have at least one key available if batteries are dead
  • Some are not very resistant to Arizona weather
  • Not very attractive on the house

For more information about electronic locks and their security, call us today!

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