Trust us will all of your vehicular key needs.Today's cars and trucks are more secure than ever. This means that it has a very sophisticated hi-tech security system that need a sophisticated locksmith to be able to work on it. We pride ourselves that we are the only hi-tech automotive locksmiths in all of Maricopa and Pinal counties in Arizona. This distinction means that we are able to cut and program automotive keys for virtually every make and model of car or truck on the market. 

Our locksmiths will come to your vehicle and are equipped to replace a lost key.

transponder-key-repalcementTransponder Keys

Short for Transmitter-Responder, this small RFID (remote frequency identification) device is embedded in the head of the key which transmits an encoded message to the vehicle's Engine Control Module. If the correct key is inserted, the vehicle will start, if the wrong key is inserted, the vehicle will not start. Transponders keys are sometimes called "chip keys" because the RFID device is actually an integrated circuit or chip.

We are capable of programming transponder keys for virtually every make and model of vehicle on the market today. We pride ourselves on have all the equipment necessary to do the job right the first time and full warrant our transponder keys. Unlike some companies, we don't just copy your key, we actually add the key to the vehicle's immobilizer system in the same manner that the dealer does. The difference is that we charge less than the dealer.


remoteStandard Remotes

We can sell you and program remotes for almost any make and model. Our  remotes are fully guaranteed and we are very competitive in our pricing.





Proximity (Prox) Remotes

These remotes include both a transponder and a remote all in one unit. By design, these devices allow the doors to unlock when the prox is detected in close proximity to the vehicle. The prox system has an added bonus of utilizing a keyless push to start system.