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From lock outs to lost keys, we got ya covered!

Local Locksmith has the tools, equipment, stock and knowledge to do what other locksmiths can’t do. It doesn’t matter if you have an antique car or an 18 wheeler, we can copy or make new key for all of them. We can make transponder, smart, metallic and any other vehicle keys. So, make Local Locksmith your hometown auto locksmith. We come to you and cut your new car keys on the spot.

We offer car key replacement services including the recreation of lost car key, lost truck keys and other lost vehicle keys. We are the premier car key locksmith in all of Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Florence, Mesa, Apache Junction and other east valley areas.

Key Copies

Chip keys or transponder keys are what keeps thieves from steeling your car with a screwdriver. If you purchased a used car and it only came with one chip key, we can make you a copy. Losing your only car key can get expensive and it is definitely inconvenient. A chip key copy is the best way to insure that you are not stranded if you lose your only key.

On Line Keys

If you buy your chip keys or fobs on line we can program them. Often time is may seem that buying chip keys and fobs on line is cheaper, but about 50% of the time the on line keys are not compatible with your vehicle. Our chip keys and fobs are guaranteed to work and are very reasonably priced keys.

From car key copies to lost car key replacement, make Local Locksmith YOUR car key locksmith!

Locked Out of Your Car?

Auto Lockout Image

Lock your keys in the car? We are experts at unlocking your car and guarantee that we will not damage your car. We use special techniques and methods to insure fast entry without damage.

What to Do If You Are Locked Out of Your Car

If you are locked out, please follow these steps to ensure your safety while we are on our way:

  • Make certain that you and your passengers are in a safe place
  • If there is a child or pet in the car, tell our dispatcher so that we make your call a priority
  • If it is hot, get something to drink
  • To avoid damage, don’t try to open the vehicle yourself

Our professional auto locksmiths will get you back into your locked car FAST! If you have locked your keys in the car, do stress we’ll be there fast and not cost a fortune.

We Even Open Locked Big Rigs

If you are a truck driver and you happen to lock your keys in your truck, Local Locksmith can open it back up with absolutely no damage to the truck or lock. We employ special methods to gain entry to big rigs and other commercial trucks that guarantee fast openings.

Big rigs are no big deal for Local Locksmith.

Key Replacement

Lost Keys ImageLost car or truck keys are no challenge for Local Locksmith. We pride ourselves on knowing the techniques and having the tools necessary to create replacement keys for your vehicle at prices that are below what the dealer would charge.

Special Tools and Equipment

It takes special tools and equipment to generate replacement auto keys. Some locksmiths simply do not possess all the tools necessary to program every car on the road today. Local Locksmith has a wide selection of tools, equipment and techniques that allow us to get the job done when others can’t.

Using the Dealer to Replace Your Lost Keys

Using car dealerships to replace your lost keys is often times far more costly than using a locksmith. The first step in using the dealer is having your vehicle towed to their location which invites towing damage. Then you’ll have to leave your car while the service department cuts and programs the replacement keys. If you happen to get there at closing time, you’ll have to wait until the next day or after the weekend to have your car running again. Depending upon the age of your vehicles some dealership records will not extend back far enough to contain the information that is needed to make your replacement keys.

When you choose Local Locksmith we come to you and in most cases can have new keys created the same day that you call. Our prices are less than the dealer and we are able to create keys that are functionally the same as what the dealer would provide, but without the risk of towing damage.

Car Key Replacement Cost

When you choose Local Locksmith you are assured that the price to replace your missing car or missing truck keys, is less than the price quoted by car dealerships. Car key replacement does not have to be expensive. Local Locksmith offers professional auto locksmith services at very competitive prices. Rather than offering “cheap car key” we offer high quality keys at affordable prices.

Car Key Duplication

Local Locksmith can also cut your car keys. We cut standard, high security, laser cut, and many other types of keys. We can even program the keys you buy on line.


Broken Keys Removed

Broken Car Keys Removed


That’s the sound that your key makes when it breaks off in the lock. Broken keys are typically caused by worn or cracked keys. We all love to put things off till later and putting off making copies of very worn keys, just asks for them to break.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a broken key that is now jammed in your lock, don’t worry we can extract that broken key for you. Call us right away and we’ll be on our way to your car or truck and professionally extract that broken key. We’ll have you back on the road in no time.Broken Car Keys Removed

We have special tools and techniques to remove broken keys and then even make new ones right on the spot. We are a professional locksmithing company that specializes in automotive keys and locks. However, even though we are a great company, we don’t charge an arm and a leg for our services.

We can repair your broken car key at your home or office and at prices less than the dealer. Call our car key experts today.

Chip Keys and Remotes

Transponder KeyMost newer cars have a computer chip in the key head. This RFID transponder was first introduced into cars in 1995 and is what keeps someone from stealing your car with a screwdriver.

Transponder Key Operation

When a key is inserted into the ignition of a vehicle equipped with an RFID immobilizer system and turned, a voltage is applied to a coil of wire that is around the ignition lock. This coil or antenna, will create a magnetic field that in turn powers up the transponder or RFID tag, in the key’s plastic head. The RFID tag then transmits a code using a process called induction. If the code that is in the transponder matches what is in the vehicle’s immobilizer computer the car will start. If the code does not match, the vehicle will not start. Since the introduction of transponder keys and their adaptation by auto manufacturers in 1996, vehicle thefts have dropped dramatically since hot wiring a car is no longer possible.

Lost Transponder Key Replacement

Programming Transponder KeysIf your vehicle is equipped with a transponder system, typically lost keys must be programmed either by going to the dealer or by a locksmith. Dealers are usually very costly and require that your car be towed to them which can cause potential damage. Local Locksmith can cut and program a replacement transponder key while charging less than the dealer does.

Remote Replacement and Duplication

We stock a wide selection of remotes and keys so we are able to replace your missing remotes often the same day that you call. We can create replacements or make duplicates with the cost less than what a dealer would charge.

Buying Keys and Remotes On Line

On the surface buy keys from on line retailers might seem like a good idea due to the lower cost. However, many on line retailers sell keys and remote that are not programmable by a locksmith and dealers will not even touch keys and remotes from on line sources. Typically, the cost to program the key and remote is close to what it would have been if we provided them in the first place. Call Local Locksmith first before you buy security products on line.

Remote RepairRemote Repair

Before you think about purchasing a new remote because yours doesn’t work anymore, call Local Locksmith. In many cases we are able to repair your existing remote thus saving you the cost of a new one.

Local Locksmith services vehicles from the following manufacturers:

  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • KIA
  • Nissan
  • Saturn
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Many others
Smart Keys

Smart KeySmart keys are specially designed to control the vehicle when the holder approaches. These small remote transmitters are used in quite a wide range of modern vehicles by manufacturers such as:

  • GM
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • and many more

Since Local Locksmith specializes in automotive locksmithing, we are able to create and copy most manufacturer’s smart key fobs.

If you purchase a new to you vehicle that has been previously owned, there is a pretty good chance that you only got a single smart key with it. If you lose that single key fear not, we can come and make a new one for you. However, it is far better to make a copy of your smart key then to have to originate a new one. Call us today for a copy of your smart vehicle’s smart key.

Car Key Repairs

Transponder KeyTransponder Key Repair

If you remote headed car or truck key breaks, we can fix it to save you money. Car key repair is often far less expensive than having it replaced. Local Locksmith is able to change the mechanical key shell and transfer the expensive key electronics to the new shell.


Ignition Repairs

Auto Lockout ImageRepair vs Replace

As cars age so does the keys and the car’s ignition. Each ignition contains brass wafers that are what keeps the wrong key from turning in your lock. These tiny brass wafers can wear down with age and cause the ignition not to turn.

While most dealers and mechanic shops simply replace the ignition leaving you with two keys, one for the door and one for the ignition, Local Locksmith can repair your bad ignition. We are able to rebuild your ignition to save you money.


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